Campus Sexual Misconduct Prevention Program (Title IX)

What is Title IX? 

Violations include acts of sexual misconduct, such as:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Dating/Domestic Violence
  • Stalking

Other violations include sex and gender-based discrimination of a non-sexual nature, such as:

  • Bullying based on gender identity
  • Denying an educational or employment opportunity because one is born male or female
  • Failing to provide reasonable academic accommodations to pregnant and parenting students.

Retaliation is also prohibited. Retaliation includes threatening, intimidating, harassing, coercing, or any other conduct that would discourage a reasonable person from making a good faith report or participating in any proceeding. Retaliation is a stand-alone policy violation without regard to any finding of responsibility for discrimination. 

Who is protected by Title IX? 

Students, staff, and faculty are protected by Title IX when the discrimination occurs on university-owned or controlled property, or at an event with a reasonable connection to TWU. Likewise, these same groups of people are charged with avoiding discriminatory behavior.

How does TWU address violations of Title IX?

Texas Woman’s University is committed to responding to all allegations of sex and gender-based discrimination.  The full text of TWU’s Sexual Misconduct policy and accompanying Regulation and Procedures may be found here:

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sexual Misconduct Regulation and Procedures Guide 

When should I make a report?

Any incidents or concerns regarding Sexual Misconduct should be reported immediately, even if the person(s) concerned about or harmed by the misconduct are unsure about pursuing a formal complaint. 

Please note that with very few exceptions, all staff, faculty, and students with responsibility over other students have an obligation to promptly report any violations they observe or learn about to the Title IX Coordinator.

How do I report/file a complaint?

Complainants, witnesses, or those with a duty to file a report may do so by visiting // This link also provides the option to report anonymously, or you may use the Ethics and Compliance Hotline:

English: 844-406-0004
Spanish: 800-216-1288
Email: (must include TWU in report)
Fax: 215-689-3885 (must include TWU in report)

You may also file a report by directly contacting the Title IX Coordinator or any one of the Deputy Title IX Coordinators:

Parrish S. Nicholls 
Title IX Coordinator: Director and Coordinator for Title IX

Monica Mendez-Grant 
Title IX Deputy: Vice President for Student Life

Dr. Stephanie Krauth
Title IX Deputy: Associate Vice President for Student Engagement/ Interim Director of Civility & Community Standards

Charolette L. Hunt 

Title IX Deputy: Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance and Academic Services

Notifying Law Enforcement: In an emergency, please dial 911. Regardless of when the incident occurred, it is your decision whether or not to report to TWU’s Department of Public Safety (940.898.2911) or local law enforcement. When requested or when necessary for public safety concerns, the Title IX Coordinator may contact law enforcement on your behalf.

What support services are available?

Confidential Campus Resources: For individuals who do not choose to make a report to TWU administration or law enforcement, TWU provides confidential[i] support, counseling, and/or referrals to all members of the TWU community:

TWU Student Health Services (940.898.3826) located in Jones Hall.
TWU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS):

  • Denton – (940.898.3801)
  • Dallas – (214.689.6655)
  • Houston – (713.794.2059)

Faculty and Staff
Alliance Work Partners Employee Assistance Program (800.343.3822) is available 24 hours a day.

Students, faculty, and staff may visit their local medical facility or hospital. Information provided to medical professionals typically cannot be released without consent of the patient.

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